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12 Week Transformation


Are you ready to detox your body AND shed stubborn fat? Then the 12 Week Transformation Stack is for YOU!

With the powerful combination of our Reset & Restore full body detox and 8 weeks of our ultimate fat loss agents, you're sure to have a whole new body in just weeks! 

What is included?

  • 1 Reset
  • 1 Restore
  • 1 ThyrexinT3
  • 1 ThyrexinT3 V2
  • 2 ThermoX Base

Suggested Use:

  • Reset & Restore can be used either before or after your fat loss cycle. If you notice adrenal fatigue, bloating, or irregularity we suggest starting with Reset and Restore. If you do not currently experience such, we suggest starting with the 8 week cycle and starting Reset and Restore immediately after.

 WARNING: Thyrexin V2 is a heavy stim fat burner, and it will make you sweat!