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Baby Bundle


The best stack for Mama and Baby out there!

This baby bundle is like no other Prenatal and Fish Oil combo.

So what makes it stand out?


Prenatal’s are key to keeping baby and mama healthy while pregnant. Not only do they contain key vitamins and minerals to supply to baby, but ours has added benefits to ensure baby is getting everything it needs to be healthy and to grow and flourish!

  • High in essential Vitamins (22 vitamins and minerals)
  • 800mcg Folic Acid
  • Added Calcium for healthy bones
  • Probiotic Blend (8 billion) to help Mamas digestive track
  • Added Greens & Digestive Enzymes to nourish Mama and Baby
  • VitaBerry* to provide high nutrients and antioxidants

This is literally unlike any Prenatal out there! No only does it contain OVER 100% of your daily needs, but it’s 5 products in ONE! ($110 value) Be assured that mama and baby are both are receiving the best vitamins and nutrients during this journey


Fish Oils are important for brain and heart health. When adding EPA/DHA to your daily intake, you are ensuring your baby’s proper brain development, a healthy heart, early visual development, and joint health. It also has been shown to lower the risk of preterm labor/delivery and lowers the risk of Preeclampsia.

  • Fish Oil 2000mg
  • EPA 800mg
  • DHA 600mg

We made sure to give you, as always, the best of the best by providing 3X the amount of EPA/DHA compared to competitors!


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